Our Sunday experience is at 9:30am. You can participate in person at our campus or online at shoalcreek.tv.

Tips for your first visit:

  • Dress comfortably…even shorts! There is no dress code.
  • We’re located at 6816 N. Church Road in Pleasant Valley, Missouri just north of QT. Text map to 816-470-9790 for directions.
  • Please show up 15 minutes early to park/enter. Due to COVID, we are only opening/unlocking our Front & Back Main entrances.
    Detailed map of our parking lots and entrances.
  • If you desire, let a Guest Relations team member at the entrance know you are visiting for the first time and they will guide you to the appropriate spaces. If you want the VIP treatment, complete this form and we will contact you ahead of time to coordinate your visit!

What you will experience during a Sunday Experience

Small Groups

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