We’ve often been described as “a church for people who don’t like church”.

Our goal is to make Jesus accessible. We have a passion for helping people who might be disconnected from God make a connection or re-connection to Him.

Our Sunday experience is intentionally designed for people who might not like church, or have had a bad church experience in their past, or are simply investigating the claims of Jesus. We plan our Sunday experiences with those people, not Christians, in mind. We use contemporary music, thought-provoking media and drama, and an authentic message designed to make biblical truth relevant to everyday life.

We don’t really care where a person is “at” as much as we hope to help them keep moving. Our goal is to create a safe environment to explore spiritual matters despite a person’s starting point and we hope these experiences over time would be catalytic in their life. Want to test drive before you visit? Click here to view a previous Sunday experience.

Shoal Creek Community Church, however, is not just about an hour on Sunday morning. In fact, we value coming to life way more than just going to a church gathering. We desire to be a church, a group of people, with each and every one of us following Jesus, building relationships, and making disciples!

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